Engender – Empower - Enhance

The Knowledge, Tools and Techniques
to bring out the best of the female
and the male brain.

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Based in brain science, the coaching and training workshops offered within the GenderSavvy™ program provide the knowledge, along with straight talk practical tools, techniques and strategies to work with and to the brain’s strengths.

You Will Learn:
What brain science tells us –
How the male and female brain influences what we do.
How to recognize diverse thinking approaches and actions.
What gender-based strengths and attributes really are and how to work to them.
How to apply the knowledge of each gender’s brain skills and attributes to maximize communication and create effective interactions.
How to step up your influence,interpret the behaviors of others more predictably, and prevent misunderstandings while moving processes and ideas forward.

You Can:
Deepen your capacity to understand cutting edge brain science in a real way and apply it to your key relationships and dynamics in the business world.
Know how women and men see things, remember things, solve problems, listen, make decisions, work in teams, and approach situations.
Know the difference between personality, style, and gender-based behaviors.
See the positive possibilities not apparent to the untrained eye, when gender-based behaviors are at play.
Achieve greater results when working to these natural and inherent talents.

“In today’s world, modern business leaders need to know how female and male brains work.” Dr. Diane, CoachExecs

By The End Of Your Work With Coach Diane,You Will Have The Tools To:
Get your message across
Know how your own words and actions impact
Hear what another’s brain is saying
Be more attuned to your clients
Complement gender-based brain strengths
Get better results from mixed teams
Know your audience