Executive Assessment

Assessments significantly enhance the value and quality of your coaching and personal and professional growth. They consist of tools of measurement commonly used in a variety of situations including: the coaching and development process, selection for promotion, making hiring decisions, finding the best fit for a position and building teams.

Coaching and promotion may include:

Feedback 360 surveys and individual interviews completed by those who work with and for the person being coached or promoted
Assessments which measure leadership skills, emotional intelligence, management style, conflict management, work styles, interpersonal styles, personality type, strengths
Observational or shadow coaching
Client checklists, exercises, and self assessment tools designed to help you set goals, identify obstacles, create solutions, and work effectively at your full potential.

Hire the right people

Executive, senior management or high profile hiring decisions can directly impact the growth and success of an organization. Hiring errors or even one ill suited manager can have serious operational, financial and/or legal consequences. We will help you to assess and hire the right people.
Hiring Assessment Methods

Methods for selecting or promoting executives and candidates for executive or managerial positions can not always guarantee goodness of fit. Hiring managers have discovered that even reviews of credentials, behavioral interviews, and assessment of job specific skills are not enough for selecting the right candidate or for predicting on the job success.

Many hiring managers choose to assess additional factors which can maximize job success and increase the chances of hiring the right person for the right job. Knowing these factors, such as personality characteristics, interpersonal style, problem solving abilities, and job specific aptitudes, can minimize the chances of untoward hiring or promotion decisions. This information helps them tailor interview questions when areas have surfaced during the process as pointing to potential behavior patterns or blind spots.

The assessment procedures normally ask a candidate to take a group of tests which may include various personality, aptitude, interest or motivation, capacity for judgment, and leadership assessments. The testing is integrated into the traditional screening and interviewing procedure and the entire hiring process. When completed, you will be provided a comprehensive written report with detailed and specific information written in non technical language.