Executive Coaching Program

Our executive coaching program provides executive coaching to you individually and/or to your teams. This may be accomplished through face-to-face meetings, via videoconferencing, by phone or a combination of these modalities.

The process can also include shadow observation where your coach will sit in on meetings, presentations, or other interactions and provide feedback on observations.

The frequency of meetings and length of time for your coaching engagement may vary. A typical successful coaching engagement begins with meetings twice a month for 3-6 months. Many coaching relationships continue for 1-2 years.
What to Expect

There are commonly two primary aspects of your coaching engagements. First, our client learns to more accurately assess his or her strengths or development needs and second, the executive or team sets and achieves challenging goals by building on strengths and remedying challenges.

Your coach facilitates the process through establishing goals, success criteria and measures. We will facilitate the identifying of needs, underlying assumptions, motives, values, and mental models. Your coach surfaces and may challenge the assumptions underlying perceptions and behaviors. This process helps you gain insight into self, others and your personal interactions.

Multiple perspectives can help to create a richer picture. These perspectives can be acquired in several ways and usually consist of your own assessment, feedback from those you have worked with or are currently working with and other assessment tools.

"We excel at generating unexpected ideas by reframing your challenge." Dr. Diane Malnekoff

Developing a Plan

Once this information is gathered, you move into developing a plan to use in moving you forward. This usually consists of identifying several areas and specific actions that you can begin to put into practice.
The process evolves over time and can shift into different areas. Your coach will facilitate the monitoring of your plan and help you to evaluate where you are in relation to your goals.

Whether it be building confidence, managing yourself and others, or designing strategies for more effectiveness your coach facilitates identifying tangible behaviors, thinking, actions, and strategies that you can put into practice. Very importantly, these strategies and actions will be tailored to your particular situations taking into consideration the business environment, the political climate, the personalities, and the timing. Your coach has specialized, impressive and sophisticated knowledge of these important variables, and as a result, your coaching experience moves you to discover your full potential and a higher level of effectiveness.