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Diane Malnekoff, Ph.D., A.C.C.
San Francisco Bay Area and Peninsula

Generating unexpected ideas by reframing your challenge

A veteran as an executive and as a business psychologist, Dr. Diane Malnekoff brings to the table a wealth of experience as an executive coach. With a deep expertise in organizational dynamics, individual and group behavior, and informal networks she can parachute in, provide a quick and accurate grasp of your situations, generate new thinking, new ideas and actions. She works with talented, smart and diverse leaders with multiple challenges accelerating their insights, thinking and actions.

Her uniqueness as a coach is the result of the combination of her powerful insights into human behavior with the practical know how of having been there as an executive in international aviation. This wide range experience positions her to bring a dynamic knowledge base to your coaching experience.

Dr. Malnekoff coaches and consults to C-Level and Senior level executives and managers, professionals, entrepreneurs, and VCs. She has worked in Fortune 500 companies such as Wells Fargo, 3M and PG&E. Her work with established companies, startups, and governmental organizations expands across a wide range of industriesInternet, Telecom, Transportation, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Digital Media, and others. Her expertise includes the areas of search, advertising, sales, operations, finance, business development, strategy, product development, scientific research, R&D, and HR. She gets the art and acumen of how businesses are run.

Dr. Malnekoff developed the GenderSavvy™ program as a result of her interest in optimizing the influences that gender based approaches and thinking (based in brain science) have on leadership, managing, interpersonal and team effectiveness, and client interactions. [See, GenderSavvy™]


Her style is one based in intellectual curiosity and inquiry and direct and honest feedback. As part of coaching and consulting she may use in depth assessment tools for development and selection, help clients with strategic career decisions, emotional intelligence, managing vertically and horizontally, and developing their teams.

She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (Palo Alto University). She is a graduate of the Executive Coach Academy and holds a coaching certification from the International Coach Federation. She is a licensed psychologist in California and has had a practice in coaching and psychology for over twenty years.


Google, Yahoo, Buzzfeed, Genentech, Wired, Wunderman, Tapjoy, Scribds Electronic Arts, Cast Iron (IBM company), My Space, 3M, Wired, Mastercard, Wells Fargo, Bank of the West, PG&E, Valero, Chevron, Sutter Health, Kaiser, Cisco, Motorola,


She began her career as a young female executive in the airline industry then moving into the field of psychology where she received her Ph.D.

As an executive she oversaw operations in the Far East (Japan, Philippines, Taiwan) and led business and service operations, HR functions, labor/employee relations, and regulatory systems. As a consultant and coach she was hired by 3M Optical Systems working with engineers in high tech, R&D and manufacturing, as well as energy at PG&E, and financial at Wells Fargo. She also owned and operated her own manufacturing and import business in Southeast Asia.

She has extensive multicultural experience doing business in Southeast Asia and living overseas.