Executive Coaching is a collaborative, individualized process
of executive development between an experienced coach
and a successful executive, manager, professional, or team to:

• Develop full potential leadership skills
• Expand skills and savvy to manage yourself and others
• Prepare for advancement or senior leadership positions
• Build Confidence • Manage difficult people
• Navigate the political landscape
• Shape a personal brand

A coach works with you to provide objective professional direction to help you enhance what you already have and achieve what you need.

Coaching may be initiated because of turning points such as promotion, a move into greater responsibility or different responsibilities, a new boss, challenging situations, help smoothing out rough edges, or a need for specialized advice or the right techniques.

Surviving in today’s competitive market requires going beyond what you know to how you can influence up, persuade and affect peers, be trusted, be visible, or manage perceptions and stand out in the crowd. A first rate executive coach helps executives pinpoint blind spots, alter managerial styles and keep careers on course.

CoachExecs, a premier coaching company, provides:

Executive coaching for individuals and teams (more)
Executive assessment for development, promotion, and selection (more)
GenderSavvy™, a program to bring out the best of the female and male brains (more)